Lyndon Goes Team...........

Yep its true, due to unforseen circumsatnces Lyndon has volenteered his services to go "Team" and save a load.

As you know, last night Montedarlo (Phil) broke down trying to collect a critical meat load that needs to get to Pensylvania by Wednesday morning. I was asked to abort my Edmonton journey and scoot into Lethbridge to provide the exta power, all went well till this morning.

I got to the truck this morning, logged on, colleced the paperwork and backed under the trailer to do my pre-trip checks. Everything seemed good so far so i sent my "Loaded" macros and went to drive round to the scales. This is where the problems started, trailers brakes were very weak and the combination was unsafe.

I did a few emergency stops to make sure it wasnt my imagination but there was definitely something wrong. I had 2 choices, go and hope for the best or go get it checked out. I decided on the latter and limped into the shop.

The fitter there confirmed my suspicions, the trailer brakes were working but no where near as powerfull as they should be. I was told to park in the shop where it was warmer and copious amounts of antifreeze was poured into the braking system.

2 hours later the brakes were working but the problem was i had missed meat inspection and it doesnt open till 16:00 tomorrow, bearing in mind the load needs to be at the customer on Wednesday and im not leaving till Monday lunchtime, the distance is 3590 kms or 3 days and 8 hours driving for a single driver.

I made a suggestion and it looks like we are running with it, i am going to be running team which means 2 drivers and 3045 will only be stopping to take on fuel, i reckon that we can do the trip in 41 hours straight driving which means we should be there at lunch time on Wednesday.

Ive never done this before so it should be fun, not sure when i will be able to get internet connection so please bear with me and i will update whenever i can.

Stay tuned, this should be interesting.............................