How To Carve Pumpkin Faces For Halloween

Im sure there are many people out there who have never made a Jack O'Lantern face out of a pumpkin so here is a simple 101 video of how to do just that.

I have been looking around the internet for a decent set of pumpkin cutters and I was amazed to see the lack of quality.  There are loads of cheap plastic sets out there and to be quite honest with you... if i had bought without reading the reviews I would probably be in the same situation as some of those hapless writers..... half way through my pumpkin masterpeice and my plastic saw snaps in two.  Anyway have no fear dear Reader, I have searched high and low to find you a set of cutters that will get the job done... and should last you many years.

Brass and Walnut Pro Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit

These little beauties come Highly recomended.  At The Inquiring Mind we always base our product promotions on other peoples recommendations, and this set of Walnut handled saws has been reviewed very highly.


By J. A. tucker - I had had enough of those cheap, junk plastic knives that always brake 3/4 of the way through my pumpkin creation, so I thought I would look around the internet for something better. I actually bought this set from zombie pumpkins (google it) as it was not available on amazon and I was not disappointed. I could carve easily and quickly. Very satisfied. And not one of the blades broke or bent

By Josh - I bought one of these units 4 years ago and would highly recommend this unit to anyone in the market for a pumpkin carving tool set. The unit comes with a set of blades that can be used to cut out large hunks down to precision blades for fine details. The set of blades will last for years and years (still on my first set and will be for many more years) and if you need more they sell the blades by themselves. For the proce you will not be able to find a better carving tool kit. A+++

By Flintlock - This is a great tool that takes the frustration out of pumpkin carving while keeping it safe. It is well made and the blades do not bend and break as with the cheaper versions. Clean up is a breeze. Any one who has ever tried to carve a pumpkin free handed with a knife has experienced dificulties that have ranged from mistakes to injury. This tool helps the user to safely produce an artfully carved pumpkin. The tip about using masking tape to outline the cut outs is a key to success. Just take your time and saw at a reasonable speed. The tool is not limited to just carving pumpkins. I know that I will be using it for other small projects such as woodworking and modeling for instance. It has found a place in my tool chest. I would let my grandchildren use this tool, of course stll under supervision for the younger ones.

Extreme Pumpkins: Diabolical Do-It-Yourself Designs to Amuse Your Friends and Scare Your Neighbors 

Based on his popular and addictive website, Tom Nardone has created a full-color guide to pumpkin carving that's truly frightening. Featuring the website's signature Puking Pumpkin, and spanning everything from Drowning Pumpkin, Crime Scene Pumpkin, and Cannibal Pumpkin to Electrocuted Pumpkin and other never-before-seen designs, this gleefully gory guide is nothing short of a manifesto to take back Halloween from the cheerful, the cutesy, and the parent-sanctioned. For the egg-throwing, toilet tissue- streaming, window-soaping teenager in all of us, finally- a whole new way to celebrate October 31.


By Rachael Buckay - Not only has this book enabled me to hold onto my position as the neighborhood maniac, it has given me new insight on how to carve pumpkins more efficiently, spookily, and with greater ease. Mr. Nardone is quite the cut up, and this book made me chuckle unendingly. The directions are simple, the layout is handy, and I find the photographs both detailed and quite artistic.

p.s. This book is also quite inexpensive, so buying multiples of it doesn't pinch my pocketbook! Yowza!

By Karen and Craig - This is the most creative, creepy and hilarious example of the pumpkin carving art ever published. We pay homage by stealing Tom's ideas: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? If only we could wield a reciprocating saw with the same artistic precision.

By J. Burnett - I love this book! Not only are the pumpkin carving ideas amazing, but the guy has great suggestions with a good sense of humor. My only regret was that I ordered it late in October and I didn't get the book in time to pursue some of the projects for Halloween night. But it sure made for a great table book and conversation piece at my little Halloween get together. Next year we'll be ready to take some of these on! The photos are wonderful and we all cracked up, deciding which pumkin extravaganza was our favorite. So if you're seriously into having some Halloween creativity and fun, get this little book.

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